Bachelor of Arts [BA] [Hons.]

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Hons.) Eligibility, Top Colleges, Syllabus, Duration, Salary

B.A. Hons. is a 3-year postgraduate degree course, the minimum eligibility is10+2 from a recognized school board or its equivalent exam. Admission to B.A. Hons. depends upon the basis of applicant’s performance in a relevant entrance exam, and consequent round counseling.

B.A. Hons. degree develops core skills and knowledge in theory and research in the humanities and social sciences. The course is based on a combination of coursework and a research project in the chosen field of study. Its objective is to produce graduates who will be able to think clearly, flexible and critically, and be able to weigh up evidence and arguments and make rational choices.

It offers a wide range of postgraduate options and career opportunities. Individuals can pursue a career in different fields after successful completion of their Bachelor of Arts degree. They can become an Economist, Historian, Archaeologist, Educationalist, Philosopher, Political scientist, Personnel manager, Social activist, Public Relation Executive, Psychologist, Sociologist, Philosopher, Journalist etc.

Such postgraduates are hired in capacities such as Administrative Officer, Business Administrator, Business Consultants, Business Management Researcher, Business Management Professor, Finance Managers, Human Resource Managers, Information Systems Managers, Lobbyist/Organizer, Management Analyst Management Accountants, Marketing Managers, Public Opinion Analyst, Research and Development Managers, etc. A fresh graduate in this field can earn an average salary between INR 4 to 8 Lacs per annum depending upon the caliber and experience of the applicant.

B.A. Hons: Course Highlights

Given below are some of the main highlights of the course:

Course Level Graduation
Duration of the Course 3years
Examination Type Semester and Annual
Eligibility 10+2 in any stream

B.A. Hons: What is it all about?

B.A. Hons. is an Undergraduate Academic Degree course usually in a branch of the Liberal Arts, the Sciences, or both.  A Degree holder in Arts is simply known as Bachelor of Art / Arts. B.A. Hons. degree courses generally lasts 3 to 4 years depending on the country. In India, the duration of the course spans over a period of 3 years.

There is wide numbers of combinations of subjects candidates can opt for based upon the availability of choices in different Institutes. Arts candidates have the option to select between major and minor in English, French, and any other linguistics course, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, History and many more subject areas. The course covers all the related topics for the field and gives rigorous training to the candidates. The candidates go through a well-defined study course for their all-round development.

With respect to the previous academic background and the personal choice and ability of the candidate towards a specific course, there exists an appropriate course for almost each and every applicant opting for this degree. Though it is a full-time degree course it can also be pursued via Distance Learning.

There is a wide range of subjects in which B.A. Degree can be pursued. These are: Anthropology, Archaeology, Education, Economics, English, French, Geography, German, Hindi, History, Library Science, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, Sanskrit, Sociology.

B.A. Hons: Eligibility

Applicants wishing to apply for the course need to have a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with minimum aggregate marks of 45%. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute.

B.A. Hons: Admission Process

Most institutes and universities offering the course in India follow a merit-based admission process. However, in cases of some institutes, admission to the course is made on the basis of the applicant’s performance in a relevant written test and/or a round of Personal Interview and/or performance in a relevant qualifying examination. Applicants in such cases are shortlisted based on both academic record and performance in a relevant national, State, or university-level entrance test.

B.A. Hons: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester- wise break up of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.

Semester I Semester II
Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2 English for Practical Purposes
Foundation Course in Science and Technology Understanding Prose
Foundation Course in Hindi Understanding Poetry
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
Semester III Semester IV
Foundation Course in Assamese Operations Research
Foundation Course in English-1 History of Urdu Language
Office Organisation Management History of Urdu Literature
Secretarial Practice Urdu Poetry
Human Environment Urdu Fiction
Modern India, 1857-1964` Urdu Non-Fictional Prose
India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D. Elements of Urdu Literature
India From 8th to 15th Century A.D. Diasprestic Urdu Literature
India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D. Women in Urdu Literature
Society and Religion Socio-Cultural Forms in Urdu
Entrepreneurship and Marketing Political Ideas and Ideologies
Organising Child Care Services Government & Politics in India
Administrative Theory Modern Indian Political Thought
Export Procedures and Documentation South Asia: Economy, Society
Translation Government and Politics in East
Consumer Studies -ACS-1 International Relations
Business Communication and Entrepreneurship International Relations
Nutrition for the Community Government and Politics in Australia
Semester V Semester VI
Comparative Government and Politics Statistical techniques
India from Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
History of China and Japan 1840-1949 SamacharLekhanaur Feature Lekhan
Modern Europe: Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century The Study of Society
Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economic Development Society in India
Economic Development: Comparative Sociological Thought
Industrial Development in In Society and Stratification
National Income Accounting Social Problems in India
Fundamentals of Economics Indian Philosophy: Part I
Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives Logic: Classical and Symbolic
Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Agricultural Development in India Religions of the World
Development Administration Indian Philosophy: Part II
Personnel Administration Metaphysics
Financial Administration Ethics
Public Policy Modern Western Philosophy
Integrated Pest Management Contemporary Western Philosophy
Environmental Chemistry Epistemology
Philosophy of Human Persons
Philosophy of Science and Cosmology

B.A. Hons.: Career Prospects

The applicants who believed in these terms and having the education in this particular field have the full opportunities to find the career easily in the arts and related organizations. There are so many industries working in the field of Animation, Architecture, Design, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Material, Working, Painting, Photography, Sketch & Drawing are offering the job for the applicants who have a valid degree or skilled in the field of art and humanities.

Some of the job profiles along with description and annual salary are mentioned below:

Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] (Hons. annual salary

Teacher Teachers are responsible to teach candidates towards developing their writing and reading skills, administer tests, and evaluating candidates’ progress academically. 2 to 3 Lacs
Policy Analyst Policy Analyst is responsible to study social problems and create policies to solve them. These experts are involved in one or more of four general stages of policy analysis, viz. gathering data, using either existing information or generating new data through research. 7 to 8 Lacs
Writer Writers are responsible to start writing by researching topics utilizing journals, interviews, books, or drawing from personal experience. 3 to 4 Lacs
Communicator Communicators are responsible to perform mid-level and management-level positions. They are in charge of implementing, creating, and overseeing internal communications and external communications courses that effectively describe and promote the enterprise and its products. 6 to 7 Lacs
Public Relations Officer They are responsible to provide support and understanding to the customers while working to influence public opinion and behavior with respect to their clients. 2 to 3 Lacs