Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (M.J.M.C.)

MJMC (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication) is a postgraduate mass communication course of two years duration. The course involves the study of different forms of mass media including newspapers, radio, television, films, etc to convey information to a large audience.

The course helps students provide advance theoretical as well as practical knowledge in various media professions such as journalism, advertising, event management, public relations, and so on. The course also acts as a foundation for candidates who wish to build their career in the field of research.

MJMC: Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue Master of Journalism & Mass Communication course is as mentioned below:

Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognised institute or university

Sometimes, candidates holding a postgraduate degree are also eligible to apply for the course

MJMC: Job Profiles & Top Recruiters

Candidates holding an MJMC degree can secure promising jobs in different sectors of media such as advertising agencies, photography companies, broadcasting companies, journals and magazines, news agencies, public relation organisations, TV channels, radio telecasting companies, websites, and so on. Some of the popular job profiles for candidates who successfully complete MJMC course are:

  • Correspondent: A correspondent is an on-the-scene reporter or a journalist who contributes reports to a newspaper, radio, television or internet. Daily job responsibilities of a correspondent include researching topics for a story and interviewing people to gather information on it. Once a correspondent has the story s/he reports it for print/ online publication or radio/ television.
  • Art Director: An art director is a professional who is responsible for the visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign. An art director oversees the page layout of a newspaper/ magazine etc and coordinates the work of other artistic staff such as graphic designers.
  • Photographer: A photographer is a professional who blends his creativity and technical skills to click pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, etc. A candidate can choose to be a celebrity photographer, wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, advertising photographer, aerial photographer, etc.
  • Cartoonist: As the name suggests, a cartoonist draws cartoon drawings that may be humorous, political or editorial in nature. The daily responsibilities of a cartoonist typically include sketching and submitting cartoons for approval, developing ideas for comic strips or animation, making changes or corrections to cartoons or animation created, etc.
  • Content Writer: A content writer produces a wide variety of content for the web starting from articles and reviews to game scripts. Some of the daily responsibilities of a content writer include writing content as per client or company’s needs, proofreading or editing the content, uploading the content on web, etc.
  • Editor: An editor is responsible to check the style and content of the publication. This means that the role of an editor is majorly managerial, especially in a publishing house, where s/he is responsible for the entire content of a publication.
  • Film Director: A film director is an individual who controls the artistic and dramatic aspects of a film and visualizes its script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.
  • Public Relations Officer: A PR officer has the responsibility of using wide range of media to build as well as sustain a good image for a company or brand through planned publicity campaigns and PR activities.
  • Radio Jockey: An RJ plays music, conducts interviews and holds discussions with the listeners on radio. An RJ is trained to use designed equipment to broadcast a range of audio content such as songs, news, debates, etc.
  • Video Jockey: A VJ has the primary responsibility of introducing music videos and hosting music programmes for electronic and social media as well as in the public functions. A VJ also chats with the audience and takes interviews of artists and celebrities.